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Overlooked and Forgotten Space and Time Concepts

In a past article, “Space and Pace: A Modern Perspective”, we promised some further thoughts on the simple notions of time and space in basketball. Before we do, I’d like to remind readers who are old enough to remember and enlighten those who aren’t that there have been some very Read More

LineUp Analysis – Finding Your Best Defensive and Offensive Group

In a past blog post we discussed Advanced Lineup Analysis using Scoring Differential, in this post we are going to go one step further and find our best offensive and defensive lineups. To find our most efficient lineups we need to break down the points allowed, the points scored for Read More

Sleep is a Weapon for Athletes

“Sleep is a weapon!” Jason Bourne via Robert Ludlum Early in the season one of our Athletic Trainers passed along an interesting infographic shared by a friend that is a Sleep Doctor. The infographic visualized the drastic improvement in efficiency in Andre Iguodala’s game when he slept more than 8 Read More

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Space and Pace: A Modern Basketball Perspective

Whether or not we as coaches consciously think of basketball in terms of space and time, we would be hard-pressed to argue against the notion that all games are inherently founded on acquiring and defending space and very often in miniscule periods of time and in extremely small spaces.  A Read More

Differentials – Powerful Metrics that are Easy to Track

In today’s cluttered basketball analytics landscape, it just might be wise for many of us to simplify how coaches and players look at team stats and team goals. One suggestion is to approach key areas of play looking at the ten “differentials” between your team and your opponent(s) listed below: Read More