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Basketball Defending Series: Flex, Hand-offs and Screens

In the five prior articles in our basketball defending series we’ve covered a lot of ground including some thoughts on defending the screen/roll-pop. In an earlier article, we essentially shared thoughts on defending the dribble drive. While those two trends seem to dominate current offensive thinking, there are other actions Read More

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Transition Defense Principles

The 7th post in Defensive Fundamentals and Teaching Points series will be on perhaps the most important piece – transition defense, arguably the cornerstone to any solid defensive program. We’ve previously spent considerable time discussing half court philosophy and technique, but if we don’t transition to the defensive end effectively Read More

pick and roll

Pick and Roll, Cuts & Flashes – Defensive Fundamental and Teaching Points V

Now that we’ve covered on the ball defense, defending the post, shell defense and help and recover in some detail, it’s time to discuss offensive tactics that are designed to attack the guts of the defense and move defenders around to warp the shape of the shell and create weaknesses and Read More

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Help and Recover :: Defensive Fundamentals and Teaching Points IV

In yesterday’s article on shell defense and in a previous Hoop Coach article, “On Ball Defense”, we have discussed the foundation for today’s topic of help and recover. The premises of those two articles were: the more a defender can stay between his man and the basket, the better; the Read More

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Shell Drill for Basketball Practice: Defensive Fundamentals and Teaching Points III

Whether a coach forces sideline or middle-or not at all-or plays a soft or hard zone, inevitably defenses are constantly put in help and recover situations. If one attends most any pre-season practice at least at the HS level or higher, one will witness one form or another of a Read More

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Post Defense :: Fundamentals and Teaching Points – Part 2

In a previous article we discussed the Blocking Out philosophy spectrum. Today we’ll discuss Post Defense, perhaps the defensive area where thinking and technique has most changed in the last 25 years. There was a time when coaches would teach their low post defenders either ¾ denial or full frontal Read More