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Bill Russel Blocking a Shot

Blocks and Steals: Track the Unsuccessful Attempts Too

My recent article Increase Your Competitive Edge: Reduce Fouls and Turnovers correlated the number of successful 2014-2015 NCAA teams who had both low turnover and fouls per game rates. Today, I want to discuss the correlation of low team fouls and both low team blocks and steals. The NCAA doesn’t track Read More


Offensive and Defensive Efficiency: Narrow the focus for your players.

Coaches have been charting OER (Offensive Efficiency Rating) and DER (Defensive Efficiency Rating) since at least the early 1970’s. And really, it’s not a big deal, in and of itself because it’s only dividing the number of points scored-OER (or given up -for DER) by the number of possessions. So, Read More

san antonio spurs

Offensive Fundamentals and Teaching Points for Any Level

In watching a lot basketball at the high school, collegiate and NBA levels, I’m always reminded that the best coached teams and players at all three levels are fundamentally grounded in the same basic way: Each player who catches and “faces up”-“fights” to square to the basket-no matter how great Read More