5 Life Lessons Basketball Teaches

Many coaches use the game of basketball as a metaphor for the game of life, preparing their athletes for life after basketball. After much thought – I put together my list of 5 life lessons that basketball teaches. Coaches – please comment and add to this list – it would be great to hear more ideas.  

5.  No One Makes it Alone – The best and most satisfying journeys are with others – where you trust in them and they trust in you and in the end, you can all say – “WE did it!”

4.  Life is Not Fair – In basketball – like life – you can do everything right and still not win.  Injuries, a bad call, or a lucky shot can all end a season too soon. Basketball teaches – to keep persevering!

3.  Leadership is a Choice – It does not matter if you are a captain, the coach, the most talented player, or the least talented player – you can make a positive difference with your attitude, actions, and relationships.  Leadership is a mindset to be a positive difference-maker – no matter what your title, position, or rank.

2.  Strive for Excellence Not Perfection – Nobody is perfect – no team is perfect – Excellence is a process of getting better every day.  Each day asking – am I better today than I was yesterday? There are no short cuts – put the work in.  

1.  Selfish People Lose.  There is no other sport that identifies selfish people like basketball – you are outed right away.  Just like in life – selfishness is a dead end. Selfish teams, lose. Real success is getting beyond your self-interest and rooting for the good of everyone  Basketball reveals one’s character!

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