5 Spider Spread Zone Offense Play

A 1-3-1 set up is used for this zone offense play. The 2 and 3 are on the left and rightspider play diagram wings, the 4 is at the free throw line, and the 5 is down low on the right block.

  1. First the 2 and 3 move in towards the paint, and the 5 drops back while the 1 dribbles left.
  2. Then the 5 cuts along the baseline to the left corner, and the 2 pops out to the left wing and gets a pass from the 1. The 4 moves to the left elbow.
  3. Next, the 5 gets the ball in the left corner. The 4 moves down to the left block.
  4. The 4 gets the ball from the 5, and the 1 moves to the free throw line. The 2 moves to the point.
  5. Then the the 3 cuts backside, gets a pass from the 4, and scores with a layup.

5 Spider Spread– zone offense play animation



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