Basketball Court Diagrams for Drawing Plays and Scouting

Below you will find several different variations of Hoop Coach basketball court diagrams that coaches can use for scouting their opponents, drawing up basketball plays for their team or concocting new schemes or sets while they are sitting around at work waiting for practice to start.  Many of the hoop coaches that download our PDF diagrams use them for keeping shot charts for their team during games and/or scouting their opponents.  Other coaches just keep a stack next to their TV so they can steal plays from other coaches while they are watching games on ESPN. You can download them all below and decide what works best for you you.

  • Nine Half Courts Basketball Court Diagram – nine half courts with three lines for taking notes below each of the basketball courts.
  • Full Court Diagrams – This PDF has one large, full court on the right side of the page with a full column for note taking on the left side of the page.  These are typically used for diagramming presses, press breakers or full court drills.
  • Half Court Basketball Diagram – This one has six half courts with a few lines of note taking space under each court. They are particularly useful for scouting your opponents out of bounds plays or just stealing them from coaches on TV.

If you are more of the digital type, remember you can use Hoop Coach Playbook Pro on your phone or desktop to create basketball plays and drills then print them to PDFs so you can take them to practice.

We try to make all of our tools as practical as possible for coaches to use so if you have any suggestions on how we can improve Hoop Coach Playbook or even these diagrams please shoot us an email or leave a comment below and maybe we can throw something together for you.

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