Post Passing Drill

Simple drill for working on feeding the post and guards relocating to an open spot.

  • Players line up as in the picture on the left.  Bigs on Baseline.  Guards on sideline. The cone represents a coach.
  • Coach can pass to wing or wing can spin ball to self
  • Wing takes a quick, hard dribble towards the corner to improve passing angle.  As this is happening big flashes to block.
  • Guard feeds post – you can add any specifics you want here.(i.e. fake high, pass low)
  • After feeding the post, guard relocates to an opening.  Coach at top of key passes to the guard who takes a shot.
  • Both big and guard get their own rebound and bring the ball back to the coach. Might require a couple coaches or someone to catch passes so the coach doesn’t get his face busted with an errant pass.

We often use the next person in line as a defender on the wing to make post pass more difficult.  We also do at both ends of the floor to speed things up.

Here’s an animation for clarification – Post Passing Drill

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