15 Practice Tips for Basketball Players

You’ve heard the saying, “Practice Makes Perfect” and you might not have thought it through but you’re certainly smart enough to know that bad or fair practices won’t get you to where you want to be.  With that in mind, consider the following thoughts for your practice regimen.

  1. Have an overall plan.  Good practices can and do happen without one but you’re far better off with a systematic thought process and follow-up.
  2. Maintain good sleep and diet habits:  It’s hard enough for anyone to just get through a normal day well without proper rest and nourishment.  For an athlete, it’s even more crucial.  
  3. To the best of your ability, before practice each day try to clear your mind of personal issues.  This ability is easier said than done but those who excel at this skill are ahead of the game.
  4. Get there early and stay late when you can.
  5. Warm-up properly even if your team doesn’t have an official stretching/warmup segment.  One can always go to the internet for warmup exercises.
  6. Stay hydrated.
  7. Have a goal every day to be one of the three best practice players on your team.
  8. If you can’t be one of the best practice players, avoid being in the category of high-maintenance players who can actually detract from practices.
  9. Try to understand the basic idea of a drill as quickly as possible and copy from players who are veterans and know the drill and the system.
  10. Be an over-achiever.  There isn’t a coach who doesn’t appreciate this trait.
  11. Try to be competent at everything and excel in several areas.
  12. Win as much as you can in every phase of practice-whether it’s only in a drill.
  13. String a number of strong practices in a row.  An occasional good one is fine but doesn’t really get it done.
  14. Try to understand every player’s assignments in offenses or defenses-in case you’re called on to play a position you may not have even practiced.
  15. Focus, hustle and be enthusiastic.


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