Princeton Offense Guide

Princeton 28 Day Challenge, all the tools you need in order to teach and execute the Princeton offense at a high level.

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Over 715 AAU, High School, And College Coaches Have Utilized My Princeton 28 Day System To Transform Their Basketball Programs! Now, YOU Can Start Leveling The Playing Field And Install My Proven Princeton System In Just 28 Days Or Less!

I’ve spent the last 14 years running variations of the Princeton offense. Spending countless hours figuring out the best way to teach the offense to my players. Through years of trial and error, I have found the solution – and now I want to share it with you!

In this Princeton 28 Day Challenge, I’ve provided you with all the tools you need in order to teach and execute the Princeton offense at a high level.

What’s included In The Princeton 28 Day Challenge Course?

12 Video Modules – I explain exactly what to install and how to teach it on each day of the challenge

Film – Breakdown of my personal practice & game film & I show you how it translates into live play

Playbook – Diagrams of practice drills & full playbook of the Princeton offense

Calendar – 28 day calendar guide to track your progress throughout the challenge

Transformation  – A priceless opportunity for you to grow as a coach / teacher and for your players to excel at the Princeton offense

Bonus:  Exclusive access to the Private Princeton Facebook group

Add On… Installing Point And 5 Out Offense Zoom Clinic

In this coaches clinic you will get a clear understanding of how to teach and install the Princeton ‘Point’ series and 5 out offense. Through video breakdown of our practice and live game edit, I provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to implement this offense to your team.

What’s included?

✅ Video breakdown of 4 Warm-up drills to begin practice. This will improve your teams communication, fundamentals, and offensive mindset.

✅ Break down drills: 3 on 0, 4 on 0, 5 on 0 drills to help install the system.

✅ Clips from our practice that show how the drills translate into live play.

✅ Edits of each action executed in games

✅ Board breakdown with further explanation on how to counter certain defenses.

✅ How to run point action against zone defense

✅ 30 minutes of Q&A from likeminded coaches

✅ 2 hours of jammed packed – valuable information that will transform your team!

Add On… 1 on 1 Consulting With Coach Dorsey

In our 1 on 1 Zoom we will break down any unanswered questions or concerns that you have about the Princeton offense. I will provide you with all the teaching secrets and have you ready and excited to teach the Princeton offense to your players with full confidence.

The Zoom Deep Dive session is 60 minutes. I ask that you come prepared with questions so that we can maximize our time together. The goal is to leave no stone unturned – I want you to be a master of the Princeton offense by the end of our session!


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