Real Basketball Players vs Fake Basketball Players

Real Players make occasional great plays when trying to make good plays.

Fake Players make awful plays while trying to make great plays.


Real Players think about winning.

Fake Players think about themselves.


Real Players are interested in efficient scoring.

Fake Players are interested in scoring.


Real Players are focused on both ends of the floor.

Fake Players take plays off on defense.


Real Players don’t need to talk about their achievements.

Fake Players brag.


Real Players work as hard in practice as they do in games.

Fake Players don’t get it.


Real Players are accountable.

Fake Players make excuses.


Real Players lead or follow leaders.

Fake Players are islands unto themselves.


Real Players are honest.

Fake players have agendas.


Real Players enjoy the game thoroughly.

Fake Players enjoy it once in a while..

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