Wake Forest Circle Rebounding Drill

Team block out and rebounding drill that a Hoop Coach member stole from a Wake Forest University men’s basketball practice.  Here is how the drill goes:

rebounding drill
  1. Split your team up in pairs(it is probably best to base your pairings on the strength and/or size of your players) then set them up like the image to the left.  The “circles” are the defensive players and the “X’s” are the offensive players. 
  2. The objective of the Wake Forest Rebounding Drill is for the defensive players to prevent their partner from touching the ball by legally blocking them out, moving their feet and keeping the offensive player on their back.
  3. You can make it more of a conditioning drill by having your players block out for a set amount of time. Another option is to award a point each time an offensive player touches the ball. You can play for a set time period or up to 5 or something like that. Obviously the second option is more competitive.

Fair warning, this drill has a tendency to get a bit heated so keep an eye on your players to make sure no one is taking this rebounding drill “too” serious. If you are looking for more rebounding drills we have more here.

Wake Forest Circle Rebounding

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