WAR Rebounding

War Rebounding

Players partner up based on size. Bigs with Smalls.  Smalls with Bigs. Mids with Mids. Players line up at the elbows and on the baselines. Partners on each elbow and another team should match up with them on the baseline as in the image.  (For example,1 is 12’s partner and 4 is 9’s partner)

One of the baseline players rolls the ball to a player at the elbow.  The player receiving the ball is allowed to take a shot. Regardless of the outcome of the shot the ball is live.  It is then a WAR to get the rebound and score.  In this drill we call VERY few fouls. The team that scores goes to the top.  The team that gets scored on goes to the bottom. At the end of a preset time, usually 5 or 6 minutes, we run the group that ends up on the bottom.  

Click the animation link for a ¬†quick view of the drill –¬†WAR Rebounding

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