Ways Players Can Score or Impact the Game Without the Ball

While re-reading one of my past articles, Playing Without the Ball: The Comeback of Cuts, Replacements, Curls and Flairs it occurred me that by listing the numbers of ways a player can score with the basketball in their hands and then listing the number of ways they can score (or help team score) with maneuvers without the ball in their hands might help them see the light. With that in mind I created the list below.

With the Ball:

  • Dribble Drive
  • Triple Threat
  • Ball-handler on Screen
  • Ball-handler in Transition
  • At FT Line

Without the Ball:

  • Spot Up
  • Cut
  • Flash
  • Flair
  • Curl
  • Replace
  • Run on Break
  • Crash
  • Screen Ball
  • Screen Off Ball
  • Post Up
  • Fake Any of the Above
  • Force Turnover at Defensive End

Perhaps I’ve missed or duplicated some maneuvers but I believe the basic message is there for players. If you can think of any other ways players can impact the game without the ball please let us know and we will add it to the the lost.

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