Basketball In Bounds Play Out Of A 4 Flat Set

basketball in bounds playCross is a man to man baseline out of bounds basketball in bounds play that starts in a traditional four low set.  On the smack of the the ball, all four players move to the free throw line extended. The ball is then inbounded to the player on the strong side block who in this case is the 4, the 4 then passes the ball to the wing, when the 4’s defender jumps to the ball the inbounder hits the defender with a back screen. The 2 can take a dribble to the corner to improve their passing angle and hopefully hit the 4 in the post. This an extremely simple play that can be highly effective with precision timing and some hesitation and “look offs” by the player receiving (4) the back screen and of course the passer.

You can Download the PDF for Cross the 1-4 Low Baseline Out of Bounds Play and/or take a look the animation to get a better understanding of how to teach this play to your team.

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