5 Injury Prevention Strategies for Basketball

  1. Have a professional screen your athletes and improve imbalances. Asymmetries or lack of symmetry from opposing sides of the body or muscle groups is a precursor to injury. Specifically look for tight ankles through Dorsi-Flexion and Valgus Knees. A Valgus knee is when the knees track inward (knocked knees).

Valgus Knees
2. Improve mobility at the ankle (dorsi-flexion), hip and T-Spine. These three areas are commonly problematic.

Good Ankle Mobility
Good Ankle Mobility
Poor Ankle Mobility
Poor Ankle Mobility

3. Teach your athletes to handle or decelerate the forces they sustain during competition/practice through proper landing mechanics and development of lower body strength.

4. Improve Proprioception/Kinesthetic Awareness through various balance drills specific for the ankle and knee.

5. Teach proper posture in the weight room, executing lifts with a “set back”. Teach your athletes to have proper posture in daily life i.e. don’t slouch. Poor posture could lead to shoulder and back dysfunction among other issues.

By Jon Sanderson
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Michigan Men’s Basketball

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