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High Post Entry Baseline Cut

Man set with a high post entry and back screen for a cutter on the baseline. High Post Entry Baseline Cut —>view the animation here.

Back Screening Post Focused Offense

Man Patterned offense that uses back screen to get post players position on the block. Download the PDF for Back Screening Post Focused Offense and view the animation […]

Post Isolation Play

Box Hi – Lo is a Post Isolation play with lots of movement ultimately resulting in your big man being free to operate without the […]

Double Flare and Post

Simple Man to Man Play with a double flare screen for the point guard and a screen the screener action for a big. Download the […]

Jazz Cross Screen Post

Point Guard dribbles out the 3 man on the wing 3 sets small on big screen for 5 in the post As 5 flashes to […]