Post Isolation Play

Box High Low Animation

Box Hi – Lo is a Post Isolation play with lots of movement ultimately resulting in your big man being free to operate without the concern of weak side help.

  1. The Post Isolation Play starts in a box set
  2. The 4 and 5 set down screens for the 2 and 3 who cut to the top and wing as seen in the image.  The 1 spaces over so the 2 can fill the top of the key
  3. 1 hits the 2 then cuts to the middle of the key and uses the 4 as a screen to cut to the corner
  4. The ball is reversed from the 2 to the 3 to the 1.  While the ball is being swung the 4 is setting a diagonal screen for the 5 to come to the strong side block.
  5. The 4 then fills the “shooting spot” at the high post/elbow area giving the 5 post isolation with no weak side help to go to work

Download the PDF for Box Hi – Lo and view the animation here.