Man Set with Back Screens and PnR Action

basketball play diagram

Man to Man Set with several scoring options and Pick and Roll Action.

  1. The play starts in a Princeton five out set with everyone above the free throw line extended and the 5 at the center of the free throw line.
  2. The 1 enters the ball to the 4 and the 5 immediately sets a back screen for the 2 to shuffle cut followed by the same action for the 1.
  3. If neither cutter is open the 4 swings the ball to the 5 at the top of the key and the 4 and 3 set down screens for the 1 and 2.
  4. The 5 hits one either the 1 or 2 and immediately sprints to set a ball screen for that player

View the Animation of Man Set with Back Screens and PnR Action and Download the PDF