Ball Reversals and the Positive Correlation with Points per Possession

I recently moved from my longtime high school gig to a volunteer position working for my old college coach.  While I certainly miss running my own program I am really enjoying the ability to delve into Advanced Analytics utilizing Synergy data and the freedom to experiment with technology like 360 Cameras and Virtual Reality to teach players from a player’s eye-view.

Since I don’t have to worry practice planning or talking to crazy parents anymore I am focusing my time on things like the positive correlation between number of ball reversals and points per possession.  Charting the half court possessions from our first two games I found a substantial increase in the point per possession from just one ball reversal.







The chart above is based on very limited data(2 games) and the high points per possession after one ball reversal is a factor of some really hot shooting in game two and will likely fall back to earth in the next few games but I still think it tells the story to the team.  Quick ball reversals from side to side causes the defense to shift creating driving lanes, closeout situations and offensive rebounding opportunities  leading to higher percentage scoring opportunities  I am going to continue to chart this all season and will update in the Analytics and Technology Forum.  I know some Hoop Coach followers on Twitter track ball reversals so if anyone can add to this please do so in the comments or forum.


  1. Louisville tracked this a few years ago. The increase in offensive efficiency with more ball reversals was even more pronounced than your study. Undoubtedly Ball reversals make offense cleaner and more efficient.

  2. Excellent statistic, Coach. It is a valuable lesson for all coaches to teach. A comment on your current coaching situation: After spending35 years as a HS head coach, I took a job closer to home as an assistant coach at a local junior college. I love what I am doing but I, too miss running my own program.

  3. Good statistics. Interesting that it falls away slightly after one reversal. It would be interesting to cross reference this with paint touches too.

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