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Charting Defensive Accountability – Part 1

In a previous post (Overlooked Old School Advanced Stat-Matchup+/-) we discussed the simplicity and timeliness of the old school thinking of the goal of having each player outscore the opponent he is guarding or the goal of having each position outscore the corresponding position of the opponent (point-guard/point-guard etc.).   As Read More

Ball Reversals and the Positive Correlation with Points per Possession

I recently moved from my longtime high school gig to a volunteer position working for my old college coach.  While I certainly miss running my own program I am really enjoying the ability to delve into Advanced Analytics utilizing Synergy data and the freedom to experiment with technology like 360 Cameras Read More

Best Analytic?  A Vote for “True Game Value” and “True Season Value”

(This article continues the thinking described in the recent “Is the Whole Truly Better than the Sum of the Parts?” article.) This past season we spent considerable time and several Hoop Coach articles trying to arrive at a method for coaches to obtain an accurate number to ascribe to an Read More