Double Screen Quick Hitter

double screen quick hitter

double screen quick hitter

Simple, quick hitter with a double screen for a shooter.

  1.  The quick hitter starts like the image to the left with the 4 and 5 at the elbows.  You could probably extend them closer to the 3 point line for more of a traditional “horns” set
  2. The enters the ball to either the 4 or 5 based on the location of the better shooter.  If 2 is your best shooter the ball is entered to the 4.  If 3 is the better shooter the ball is entered to the 5.
  3. In this animation 2 is the preferred shooter so the ball is entered to the 4 then 5 and 1 double screen away for the 2.

Download the PDF for Double Screen Quick Hitter and few the animation here.

Originally posted 2014-11-29 13:45:36.