Full Court Passing Layup Drill: Improve Your Team’s Passing, Catching, and Finishing

full court layups

Full court passing layups is a good drill to stress leading a player with a pass along with catching on the move and finishing at the basket.  Great for young kids.  Good warm up for older players.

Line your players up like the image to the left.

Two players(1 and 5) start with a ball, one under each basket.  On the whistle, both players outlet to the near wing while running down the floor toward the far basket passing to the players on the sideline and receiving a return pass culminating with a layup on the far end. For example, the passing pattern for 5 would go:

5 to 6, 6 to 5, 5 to 8, 8 to 5, Layup

The player that makes that assists on the layup rebounds the ball and starts the same procedure up the same side of the floor.

Full court passing layup drill is a fun drill that can also improve your team’s passing, catching, and finishing. If you are looking for a way to improve your team’s offensive game, this is a great drill to add to your practice routine.

Here are some tips for running the full court passing layup drill:

  • Make sure that the players are making crisp passes. If the passes are not crisp and game like, the drill will turn into player goof off time.
  • Encourage the players to catch the ball on the move. This will help them to develop better hands and coordination.
  • Help the players to finish at the basket in a variety of ways. This will give them more options when they are in the game.
  • Make the drill challenging by adding defenders. This will help the players to develop better court vision and passing skills.

With practice, your team will be able to execute the full court passing layup drill with precision. This will give them a big advantage in games.

See the animation below for a much better explanation.

Full Court Lay-ups