Helping Athletes Suffering from Low Back Pain/Issues

back painGuest post by:
Jon Sanderson MS, CSCS, SCCC, USAW1, FMS, TP
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
University of Michigan Men’s Basketball


Always seek the counsel of a qualified sports medicine professional.  If your athlete is cleared to participate in basketball practice/games this info below could be helpful.


The Lumbar Spine (low back) is meant to be a stable area of the body that moves less than the areas that surround it.  The Hips and Thoracic spine conversely require more mobility for optimum low back health and performance.  When the Hips and Thoracic Spine are tight the Lumbar spine is forced to move in ranges of motion which could cause irritation or injury.  The Hip Flexors specifically are linked to so many issues with the low back.  Many of our athletes spend so many hours seated (hip flexors are in a shortened position) throughout class and study hall all day, it is natural for the hip flexors to get tight.  Below are two mobility exercises that would be ideal for a pre-practice routine for athletes that have a history of low back dysfunction.

5-Way Hip Mobility Routine


Side Laying T-Spine Mobility

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