High Pick and Roll Set with Multiple Scoring Options

High Pick and Roll SetQuattro is a high pick and roll set that can be run in either direction.   The initial set is the basic “horns” alignment.  The point guard chooses a screener for the pick and roll which sets up the strong side wing to utilize a stagger screen on the baseline as a secondary option.  The weak side wing receives a pin down screen from the weak side post player.

The best way to set this play up is to have your point guard go to the side with your better shooter. In the animation of High Pick and Roll Set the 2 is the “better” shooter because the point guard uses the 4 for the pick and roll which allows the 2 to utilize the baseline stagger screen and hopefully an open look. The beauty of this particular play is the ability to run it tailored to your on-court personnel and to either side of the court allowing you to use the set multiple times in a game.  If you have any suggestions please add them in the comment selection below.