Last Second Home Run Play

last second playLast second Home Run Play for a man to man pressure defense that ends with a long pass to the 5 man and, if you are lucky enough to have the personnel. a dunk.

  1. The last second play sets up with four players across the free throw line like the image to the left.
  2. The players on the elbow turn and screen for the players on their respective wings.
  3. The ball is entered to whatever plays ends up open.  In the animation below, the inbounder passes to the 2 who set the screen for the 1 and rolled back to the ball.
  4. The 3 then sets a screen for the inbounder, in this instance it is the 5, and the 2 throws the home run pass to the 5.

Here is the animation.  Take a look and let us know if you have any suggestion to enhance the play.

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