Simple Inbound Play

Quick and simple to teach inbound play that when ran correctly can catch the defense sleeping and get you an easy bucket

inbound play
Initial Set
  1. To start this play the 1 is on the ball side elbow, the 2 is on the opposite side elbow, the 4 and 5 stack on the block, and the 3 is inbounding the ball.
  2. On the smack of the ball, the 1 pops out to the strong side three point line and the 2 cuts all the way to the ball side corner outside the 3 point line for spacing.
  3. The 4 then steps in under the basket to seal the middle defender in the zone and prevents them from being able to guard the block
  4. The 5 the steps to the block right behind the 4 for an open layup.

I think the defense is a bit misplaced in the animation. Likely X4 would be on the other side of O4 and O5 in the stack but, regardless the keys to this inbound play are getting X4 to guard the corner and having another player seal the middle defender in the zone so O5 can get the ball in the gap.

Take a look at the animation and let us know what you think in the comments below. If you are looking for another inbound play we have many more here.

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