Learn Go-To-Moves from NBA Legends

In a prior Hoop Coach post, “Go-To-Moves-The Core of a Complete Offensive Player”, we discussed the value of players developing their own “go-to-move” and things a coach could do to identify and exploit it on the offensive end. In this post, we thought it might be useful and, at the very least, fun to compile a list of some of our favorite NBA greats and the Go-To-Move that made them famous.

Our thought process is that player’s could find motivation and/or value in attempting to emulate the moves the best players in the world created, especially when that move fits the player’s particular skill set. Since most players only watch today’s players, we think it beneficial to reference several old-school players. Clips of all these players and their signature moves can be easily found on YouTube and might lead players to find moves and motivation beyond what is listed below:

  • Crossover-Check out Allen Iverson and Tim Hardaway Sr.  (Different looks than today’s Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving and Jamal Crawford
  • Bank-Shot – Tim Duncan
  • Fake Roll-Dribble with Change of Pace – Steve Smith
  • Low-Post Inside Pivot – Jack Sikma.  (Post version of step-back)
  • Fake Behind the Back Pass – Rajon Rondo
  • Inside Spins, Fake Spins and Up-and-Unders (Were nicknamed “Dream Shakes”) –  Hakeem Olajuwon.

Players should note that all moves can’t be incorporated by everyone. Players should figure out which move(s) are appropriate for them. Whether or not these moves ever find their way into competition, the knowledge of them and even just practicing them is great for their basketball footwork and handling foundations.

COACHES! What all time great “Go-To-Moves” did we miss? I am excited to see what we come up with. Let us know in the comments below.

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