Loop – Flare and Ball Screen Set

man set diagram

Quality Man Set with a dribble entry, double screen for the point guard, a couple flare screens and a ball screen.

  1. The 1 dribbles out the 2 who cuts to the block
  2. The 2 the uses the five to cut to the top of the key and receive a pass from the 1.
  3. The 1 then cuts to the baseline and uses a series of screens to get open on the opposite side of the floor.
  4. If the 1 does not have a shot, the 4 sets a ball screen for the 1 while the 5 flares the 2 on the other side of the floor.

View the animation of┬áLoop – Flare and Ball Screen Set


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Originally posted 2016-01-03 01:36:42.