More Tips that EVERY Player can Follow

Loose Ball

Great list to share or print off for your team.

  • Every player can run as hard as possible back on defense.
  • Do things that please your coach. This tactic usually helps to get playing time.
  • Choose advisors outside your program sparingly and carefully.
  • Want to be selfish on offense? Get every offensive rebound and beat your man down the floor every time.
  • If the man you’re guarding can’t do the things he can do, he’ll eventually try things he can’t do.
  • There is nothing more unnerving for an opponent than you never giving in.
  • If you have selfish and/or lazy teammates, convert them one at a time by your example. You can change your program’s culture.
  • Every player can’t be good but most players can be sound.
  • If you’re not in your team’s playing rotation, then practices are your games.
  • Do you compete every day, every play? If you don’t, eventually you’ll be passed by someone who does.

Here is link to Tips for Players Part I if you missed it.

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