Tips for Basketball Players

  • Every player can be part junkyard dog.
  • Be your team’s best practice player; it will pay dividends.
  • Don’t specialize yourself so much that you become a situational player only.
  • Be a student of the game; sometimes only one tip can “turn on the lights”.
  • Don’t be satisfied; stay humble and hungry.
  • Great skill- playing hard.  Possible for everyone.
  • Have a short memory: forget the last play.
  • Playing time needs to be earned; it’s not a right.
  • Pouting about one’s playing time usually guarantees more time on the bench.
  • Missed steals and missed blocks are really bad plays.
  • Every defender can be good off the ball.
  • Make the man with with the ball so uncomfortable, he has to put it on the floor and then so uncomfortable he has to pick up his dribble.
  • Don’t miss perimeter shots left or right; the great shooters are long or short but always on line.
  • You must master dribbling and finishing with both hands.
  • Attack under control.  Hard to do but the real secret.
  • Practice “seeing the floor”.
  • Don’t be the player who messes up your team spacing.
  • Don’t let the ball stagnate at you.
  • Most plays are routine.  The highlight plays are exceptions.
  • Create a play; finish a play.  Be very good at one and good at the other.
  • You can add value to every possession even when you don’t score or get the assist.
  • Be efficient; good assist/turnover ratio and good 2pt and 3pt FG %’s.

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