Note to Players: All Coaches Really Want is Consistent, Productive Minutes

Box ScoreAll coaches want consistent productive minutes from their players.  As simple as that sounds, it’s not easy. The best players in the world have ups and downs in performance.  The key is to have your worst performance be as close as possible to your best. Focus and effort can help that happen.

Production comes in many forms:

  • Besides the box-score stats of points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks, you can contribute with the “hustle stats” of second assists, screen assists, drawn charges, deflections, loose ball recoveries, jump ball tie-ups and contested shots.
  • Box-Scores give credit for steals but you can force turnovers many different ways.  You can force a ball handler to step out bounds, dribble the ball off himself out of bounds, pressure a passer to make a bad pass, force a shooter to take a bad shot (which is about the same as a turnover) and many other ways.
  • You can be productive by holding a player under his average for the game or a part of a game.
  • You can be productive by being efficient on offense-shooting good %’s from the floor, arc and FT line and having a good assist/turnover ratio.
  • You can be productive by moving the ball.  If the ball “sticks” at you, you’re probably hurting the offense.
  • Most of all, you can be productive with your energy, attitude, focus and team concern.  If those things are right, you’ll find all the ways to be productive.

Above all, remember, CONSISTENT PRODUCTION!

What else to do coaches want to see from their players?  Share with other coaches in the comment section below.

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  1. Consistent effort at putting team first. Fill your role on your team. Whatever that may be. Consistent communication on the court for games and practice.

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