Pack Line Defense

Over the years there have been lots of discussion about the use and implementation of the Pack Line Defense.  Coaches have posted videos, documents and diagrams all designed to help coaches understand the nuances of this man to man defense.  Below we aggregated all the pack line defense information into one spot so coaches can easily learn or improve their team’s defense.

Jim Boone – Delta State University

Here is a great document on the Pack Line Defense from Coach Jim Boone of Delta State. The document is from his time at Tusculum College but is very thorough and gives you a great idea of what he is trying to accomplish in his pack line pressure defense.  It’s more of his defensive philosophy than a how to guide but definitely great reading.

Here is the document if you want to read up on it: Pack Line Defense PDF

Chris Mack – Xavier University

Short video of Xavier Coach Chris Mack talking philosophy and principles of his pack line pressure defense.

Virginia – Pack Line Defense

Great Breakdown “Film Session” on College Basketball Talk about Virginia’s Pack Line Defense.

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