Pick and Roll with a Stagger Screen Option

Pick and Roll with Stagger Screen Option Animation

  1. The play starts in a low stack set
  2. As the 1 approaches the top of the key the 2 and 3 use the bigs as screen and cut to the wings and the 4 and 5 head to the elbows essentially creating a four high set
  3. The ball is entered to the 2 and the 4 sets a back screen for the 1 setting up a UCLA cut
  4. The ball is reversed to the 4 and the 2 sets a down screen for the 1 setting up the Pick and Roll along with the stagger screen.
  5. The 4 sets a ball screen for the 1 on the wing and the 2 uses the stagger screen from the 5 and 3.  You may want to consider adjusting the spacing if you try this set.

Pick and Roll with a Stagger Screen Option

Originally posted 2017-09-28 22:55:27.

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