Players – Act Like You Want To Receive a Pass!

This article is directed to players themselves since it’s so direct and fundamental.  As I watch high school and college games, I’m astounded by the number of times that I notice players being unaware of opportunities for them to receive a pass from a teammate.  This observation is especially difficult to understand because receiving passes directly leads to scoring and who doesn’t like that?

Let’s break it down:

  • The very first aspect of receiving a pass is seeing the ball.  If you aren’t looking at the passer, he probably won’t pass it to you.  You usually don’t hear the word “vision” used much on offense but it’s just as important there as on the defensive end.  I can think of only one instance when you would be correct by not seeing the ball-setting a screen away from the ball.
  • The split-second your team regains the ball at the defensive end, you must locate the ball and keep your eyes on it continually.  This includes running down the court to the offensive end even if your team doesn’t concentrate on transition offense-but especially if it does.
  • Call for the ball with your eyes.
  • Call for the ball with your hands.
  • Call for the ball with your voice.
  • Beg for the ball.
  • Demand the ball.
  • Your posture communicates wanting the ball.  Don’t be casual.  Be in athletic posture.
  • Don’t have alligator arms.
  • As crazy as sounds, be available for the ball.  I see players “hiding” all the time.  Unless the set dictates otherwise, be available.
  • If you act like you want to receive every pass, you won’t receive them all but you’ll receive more.
  • Acting like you want to receive every pass will help out your teammates when they are in any kind of trouble.  You’re already available the split second they are in trouble.
  • Even if this behavior doesn’t lead to more scoring for you, it will make you a better player and make your team better  


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