Tips to Keep Players Fresh for the Playoffs

With tournament time right around the corner here are a few tips to make sure your team is fresh going into games:  

  1. Give your team time to foam roll and go through mobility/stretching routines.
  2. Utilize Cold tub immersion and contrast bath post practice.
  3. Remind your team that 8-10 hours of sleep is optimal for their age group.
  4. Encourage proper nutritional habits.


Five benefits of proper sleep for athletes (1)

–  Improved reaction times

–  Reduced injury rates

–  Longer playing careers

–  Better accuracy, faster sprint times

–  Fewer mental errors

Cold Tub Immersion (2)

–  Reduces inflammation.

–  Has a pain-reducing effect.

–  Recommended temperature: 50-60o F.

–  8-12-minute immersion is recommended.

Contrast Bath (3)

–  Contrast between hot tub and cold tub.

–  Has a pumping effect of blood which aids in flushing of bi-products.

–  Pain-reducing effect.

–  Start with hot tub and finish with cold tub.

–  Three rounds of 3-minute hot tub and 3-minute cold tub.

–  50-60o F for cold tub and 100-103o F for hot tub is recommended.

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