Two Intangibles All Great Players Possess

tim duncanSome time ago we shared a list of tips for basketball players.  It concentrated more on mental side of the game.  While the first list might be Players Tips 101, today’s pair is a bit more advanced.

  • One of the worst attributes a player can have is acting “entitled”.  If you search the word, the definition seems pretty harmless- “a right, or a claim to something.”  When “entitled” goes wrong, it means a player thinks he’s entitled to playing time, a certain number of touches or shots, honors etc.  The best counter example I can give is Tim Duncan.  He will be a Hall of Famer but he lined up every day to learn and improve.  If anyone was ever entitled, it would have been someone like him. Pride in past accomplishments is fine and should be a foundation for growth.  The moment a player stops working and learning is the moment a player starts to regress.
  • Accountability is another trait that mature players possess.  Webster defines accountability as “the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions”.  Some players think that if they say, “my bad”, that is being accountable.  It is easy to say things.  It is truly accountable to mean what one says and then strive to change the behavior to a better or more acceptable option.

What other intangibles make up a great player?   


  1. The ability to focus. This is a trait that everyone has to a certain level, but some are better than others and it can be developed. But it is essential and all the greats have it. How can it be developed/ practice!!!!!

  2. Leadership – the ability to move ones team in a common direction, either through actions and/or by communication, towards a mutual goal.

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