Unconventional Coaching Resources – where do you find inspiration?


If you have read a number of Hoop Coach articles over the last year or so, you may have noticed that we’re into referencing non X and O type information that we’ve read in various sources like Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The Magazine and the NY Times.

The rationale, of course, is that if personnel and x and o’s are relatively equal, what other ways do we as coaches have at our disposal that could be regarded as difference makers to get a competitive edge.

As examples, we’re going to include two links to recent NY Times articles-one baseball oriented and the second football oriented.  

The first article details the story of how Brian Dozier, the Minnesota Twins second-baseman, hit 42 home runs this past season setting a Major League record for 2nd basemen.  This, after hitting only 16 home runs in 4 years of college ball and only 7 homers in his first 2 ½ seasons of Minor League Ball. His hitting coach in AA ball saw how Dozier was crushing a golf ball and got him to translate his golf swing into his baseball swing.  Talk about coaching!  

The second article is simply how NFL teams are using wristband technology to monitor their players sleep and the competitive advantages of getting a good night’s rest.  While getting a good night’s rest certainly is not revolutionary thinking, actually now being able to track it could pay dividends for the teams who utilize the technology.

Where have you found coaching inspiration?  Share in the comments below

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