What does a Video Coordinator do?


Anybody have any experience or insight into the day to day activities of a Video Coordinator?

  • Do they travel with the team?
  • Do they sit on the bench?
  • Did you feel like part of the staff or was it more of an admin kind of gig?
  • Are you locked in a video closet all day?


Chris Passmore

We are fortunate to have a video coordinator. The responsibilities vary depending on the program…but video coordinators do usually travel with the team (they are some times the “assistant director of basketball operations”) and usually are operating the video editing software on the computer during games while a manager operates the camera.


Video is definitely administrative but don’t underestimate the value it brings to a team- video coordinators are responsible for securing all opponent’s films, loading them onto the computers, in some cases breaking down film for scouts, assisting staff with post-game cut ups, providing motivational video/highlight clips to the team throughout the season among other media projects.


Some staffs may be much more video inclined- for example, I ask our video coordinator to provide me film with all of our workouts so I can break it down. We also asked our video coordinator to clip out all of our ball screens, baseline out of bounds, etc. Our video coordinator does all this but also has a big hand in recruiting- helping to create flyers, coordinate mailings etc. She also helps out with our team travel, meals, schedules, and other miscellaneous tasks.


The position is what you make of it. It’s a great stepping stone into coaching and you will be a contributing member to the program!

I should also note…this position varies greatly depending upon the program. I know of a BCS school, along with the Ivy’s I believe, that have one video coordinator for both the men and women’s program. That’s different than one dedicated video person in your office. I would imagine that type of position would be more of a “locked in the video closet” kind of gig as opposed to a dedicated video coordinator for one program who is in the office with the staff.


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