Basketball Charge and Help Defense Drill

High energy basketball charge drill and help defense drill. The drill uses a three on three shell setup and is excellent for reinforcing proper defensive positioning and willingness to take a charge. The drill sets up with 3 offensive players, one player on each of the wings above the free throw line extended and another player at the top of the key. The coach rolls the ball to one of the offensive players. The on the ball defender does their best to pressure the ball without fouling. The defender that is one pass away gets to help in the position of whatever philosophy you adhere to whether its on the line, up the line or filling a gap. If there is a defender that is more than one pass away they get to the midline and position themselves to be able to take a charge on a drive to the basket but they also need to be able to get back to their offensive player on a skip pass.

I like to use this basketball charge and help defense drill to prove that no one dies from taking a charge. If you want some more high energy toughness material check out our post Toughness: Real Goals for Every Team. The post has some good ideas for establishing a toughness culture in your program.