Basketball In-Season Training Principles

Michigan Weight RoomEducate your athletes on the importance of training In-Season; they have to “buy in.” Program low volume rep schemes. High volume training can possibly lead to excessive soreness. Utilize moderate to moderately heavy intensities (weight/load). Lighter intensities will not lead to the same motor unit recruitment as moderate to moderately heavy loads will and ultimately lead to loss of strength over a long season. Think of it as tapping into strength, we want to do just enough to maintain the quality of strength that we developed over the off-season. The weight/load should be manageable, too much could be counterproductive. Be consistent with the frequency of lifts and exercise selection. Changing the routine (stimulus) too often can lead to soreness. Two 30-45 minute lifts per week will help your athletes stay strong, explosive and durable throughout the basketball season.

Volume and Intensity suggestions

∙ Olympic Lifts 1-3 reps, 65-85%

∙ Strength Movements 1-3 reps, 70-90%

∙ Auxiliary Strength Movements 4-6 reps

Have a Pulse on Your Team before you train (Make adjustments based on these questions)

∙ How do they feel today?

∙ Are your players banged up?

∙ If they are banged up, can we work around it?

∙ When do they play next?

∙ How demanding have games and practices been?

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