Basketball Inbounds Play with a Flex Cut Action

basketball inbounds playSimple Baseline Out Basketball Inbounds Play for a Man Defense that utilizes a Flex cut get an open look on the block.

  1. This baseline out basketball inbounds play starts in a standard box set. You will probably want to put your best inside finisher in the position occupied by the 4 as they will be receiving the ball off of the flex cut.
  2. To start the play, the 4 pops to the corner and receives a pass from the inbounder (1) who then steps into the block  The five clears to the weak side corner.
  3. In the animation, the 4 reverses to the 2 who is stationary on the elbow.  I imagine the 2 will have to pop towards the wing in real life to get open.  At the very least they will have to get open in some fashion.
  4. The ball is then reversed from the 2 to the 3 setting up the flex cut action with the 4 cutting to the strong side block off the 1’s flex screen.

Flex Cut Inbound Play

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