Form Shooting in Basketball

Quality form shooting video put together by the Jr NBA and taught by NBA Coach Rick Carlisle. The video has lots of drills, examples and some footage of NBA players to drive home the importance of form shooting in basketball. While the video is kind of tailored to youth basketball players that are learning the proper mechanics of shooting, the drills and philosophies are an excellent way for players who are going through a shooting slump to find their shot again. I always told my players when your shot is broken go back to the basics and there is nothing more basic then going to a side basket and doing some form shooting in basketball practice. Watch the video, it’s only a few minutes and let us know if you have any suggestions in the comments. Even if you are not interested in form shooting it is worth watching the video to see what Rick Carlisle looks like when he smiles. Having watched his calm and stoic demeanor with the Detroit Pistons I literally had no idea he was even capable of being happy.

If you are looking for more shooting drills we have plenty of them right here.

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