Kentucky Layups Drill

Full Court Layups Drill AnimationKentucky Layups is a competitive full court layup drill that works on long passes, full court dribbling and of course, making layups.  Split your team in half and line them up at opposite elbows on opposite ends of the floor facing the far basket like image.  The first player dribbles the length of the floor and shoots a layup.  As the player gets their own rebound the next player in line starts leaking out toward half court.  After shooting the layup the shooter makes a long pass to the next player in line who catches the ball and then dribbles the length of the floor shooting a layup.  The drill continues in that fashion for three minutes.  The goal is to make a predetermined number of layups in the given time.  The number increases every time the team successfully makes the quota.  Below is an animation that will probably make more sense than my explanation.  Kentucky Layups.

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