Team Defense Drill – Close Outs

Team Close Out Drill

  • Players line up like the image on the left.
  • 5 passes to 6 then sprints at 2 to close out
  • 6 passes to 1 then sprints at 3 to close out
  • 1 passes to 2 then sprints at 4 to close out
  • As the ball moves on the perimeter defenders get to their proper help positions.
  • When the ball gets to 4 the drill is now “live” and the offense tries to score

Some Coaches will add another player to the perimeter and use them as a ball screener on the 2 to work on defending wing ball screens.  This drill has a lot of flexibility and you can adapt it to meet your needs.  Check out the animation for clarification.

Close Out Drill

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