Author: Don Sicko

Former D1 Head Coach current Pro Scout. @CommishofBall
live ball turnover

Sudden Change in Basketball – Defending Live Ball Turnovers

When you listen to our football coaching brothers talking about “sudden change”, some of them make it sound like some revolutionary thing happens on the football field, when in reality all that occurs is a turnover and a change of possession.  Basketball coaches usually don’t use the term sudden change Read More

Overlooked and Forgotten Space and Time Concepts

In a past article, “Space and Pace: A Modern Perspective”, we promised some further thoughts on the simple notions of time and space in basketball. Before we do, I’d like to remind readers who are old enough to remember and enlighten those who aren’t that there have been some very Read More

basketball spacing

Space and Pace: A Modern Basketball Perspective

Whether or not we as coaches consciously think of basketball in terms of space and time, we would be hard-pressed to argue against the notion that all games are inherently founded on acquiring and defending space and very often in miniscule periods of time and in extremely small spaces.  A Read More