Basketball Dribbling Drills for Kids

Below you will find a video with some Basketball Dribbling Drills for Kids that utilizes two basketballs to help develop a sense of confidence and a natural feel for the ball.  Your initial thought might be that the use of two balls is a bit advanced for basketball dribbling drills for kids but players of all ages pick this up very quickly.  The dribbling drills in this video are really good as a developmental workout for young players and can be used a warm-up for more advanced, older players.  When I was a college player we did these drills nearly every practice.  The length of time for each dribbling drill has been condensed in the video but should be long enough for you to get the idea.  We typically did each dribbling drill down and back at least once before switching to the next.  If you are looking for some more videos with dribbling drills take a look here