“Perfect” Passing Drill for Basketball

Team Passing Drill for basketball explained by University of Toledo Head Coach Tod Kowalczyk and apparently stolen from former Ohio State basketball coach Thad Matta.  This passing drill for basketball requires players to pass multiple balls around in the half court without making a bad pass or dropping a pass for thirty five seconds.  If there is an error or mishandle within the allotted thirty five seconds then the drill is repeated until “perfection” is achieved. This is a fun drill that requires a proper amount of focus and concentration. It also forces to players to communicate because one bad pass or catch resets the clock. On a side note – sometimes the communication can turn a bit negative if someone keeps messing up and resetting the clock so you might want to stay on top of that, Coach!

Hoop Coach has a ton of passing drills if you are looking more take a look here.


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