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London Perrantes

A Case Study in How Tempo and Style of Play Impact Individual Stats

  Most readers will be at least somewhat familiar with the name London Perrantes.  After all, for the past four seasons he has been a backcourt mainstay for Tony Bennett’s University of Virginia Cavaliers.  During those four seasons starting with 2013-14, UVA went 30-7, 30-4, 29-8 and 23-11.  Certainly, even Read More

Isolating and Analyzing 5 Possessions a Game: A Teaching Tool

The stark reality of basketball is that most games are determined by the results of 5 or fewer possessions. If we were to go back over all of our games this season, (or any season), it would be surprising if this generalization wasn’t basically true.  Of course, if we’re in Read More

Finding Wisdom in Your Scorebook and Old Data

I know terms like “Advanced Analytics” and “Advanced Metrics” are the new hotness in basketball and certainly the NBA, but there is plenty of great wisdom that can be gleaned by analyzing data you probably already have in a different way.  For example: Slow starts: My first year coaching I Read More

basketball players sitting on the bench

Tracking Players Stats per Minute of Playing Time

Tracking one’s players’ points and rebounds is easily one of the most casual ways of entering the analytics fray as a beginner.  Even for the metrics disciples among the coaching ranks, it’s worthwhile to examine this view, if one hasn’t already done so. I would guess that most coaches have Read More

houston rockets shot chart

Mid-Range Shots: Your Thoughts and Standards

Most of us have heard the noise; taking any shots besides layups or triples is inefficient.  On that issue, we likely fall into four main distinct categories: True Disciple – Has listened to the stat guys and then tested/charted the premise for one’s self and steadfastly insists that his players Read More