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Reasonable Defensive Expectations – because there are no shutouts in basketball

Finishing up some current thinking on charting individual player defensive accountability, we’d like to share one more thought on how coaches can use postgame defensive charting to zero in fixable issues: In the sample defensive accountability spreadsheet we’ve used twice before, the team in question gave up 68 points and Read More


Using Efficiency Ratings in Greater Detail

In past posts we have discussed the concepts of OER (Offensive Efficiency Rating) and DER (Defensive Efficiency Rating) that have been around for at least 50 years. For the very few uninitiated, for OER one divides the number of points scored by the number of possessions for any time period- say a Read More

Charting Defensive Accountability:  Part 2

In Charting Defensive Accountability: Part I earlier we promised further thoughts on charting defensive accountability.  If you open the Sample Game file we can begin: The team in question gave up 68 points in this specific game and to the far right are listed the defensive categories those points fell Read More

Charting Defensive Accountability

In a previous post (Overlooked Old School Advanced Stat-Matchup+/-) we discussed the simplicity and timeliness of the old school thinking of the goal of having each player outscore the opponent he is guarding or the goal of having each position outscore the corresponding position of the opponent (point-guard/point-guard etc.).   As Read More