Five Line Shooting Drill

Five Line shooting is a great drill to use as a warm up or to end a workout in a fun, competitive manner. It can easily be adapted for beginners and pros.

There are 5 lines. From each line, there are 5 spots. This is approximately the distance on each shot:
Spot 1 – 4 Feet
Spot 2 – 8 Feet
Spot 3 – 12 Feet
Spot 4 – 16 Feet
Spot 5 – 20 Feet

You have to make a shot from spot 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 in 5 consecutive shots in order to advance to the next line. If you miss from any of the spots, you start over in that line.

If you miss a shot in line 3, you start over from line 3. You don’t go back to line 1.
Your goal is to finish all 5 lines in 2 minutes.

Regressions and Progressions To Make The Drill Easier or Harder Based on Skill Level:
– Move back a spot after each make – Rather than making 5 shots in a row, you allow the players to move back a spot after each make even if they miss in between.
– Use 3 or 4 Spots – Instead of using 5 spots, you can make it a little bit easier by only making them go to spot 3 or 4.
– 6 Spots – For more advanced players, you can add an extra spot.
– Kyle Korver Status – Make 25 shots in a row.